Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today me and my husband will have been together eight wonderful years. It's the day we met. We celebrate it as our anniversary..crazy huh. We had decided to get married on this day, but  for some strange reason everytime we planned it..it just got postponed. So my husband surprised me with a trip to Eureka Springs, AR. My MIL, youngest son and my DBIL where there. It was wonderful. We stood on a cliff over looking the town to exchange our vows,  but it never change how we felt about the day to celebrate our Anniversary. So there you have it.   Probably more info than you cared to know. lol.
I'm off to share the day with my DH...Happy Anniversary Honey!!

Wishing everyone a very Blessed Day!!


  1. awwwwwwwww congrats:) hope you guys have a great day:)


  2. Congtats on eight blessed years together!!! Sounds like a dreamy day....my DH and I celebrate the day we met, too...22 years ago!!! I not only get an anniversary gift but a *met* gift too...whoohoo!!!

  3. Congratulations! It seems like yesterday that we all went to Eureka Springs. I wasn't with Scott when he met you but as far as I am concerned it was his LUCKY day. You are the best DDIL ever..I love you guys and Alex too!

  4. what a cute story! hope you enjoyed your day


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